Top Interior Design Trends You Need To Follow

This year, the theme of interior design is namely sustainability and choosing natural materials. There are also new colors that are great to introduce to any home, just like old new styles and design tricks. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the biggest trends in interior design this year. Scandi style Since the Hygge became so popular as a lifestyle of comfort and enjoyment, scandi type interior design took off. The look is very simple, with cheerful but downplayed colors of a palette. The materials are natural, there are macrame planters as well as nice and comfortable lighting that allows for that kind of intimacy. The philosophy of less is more is big here so make sure that there is no clutter, neither in stuff nor in colors and patterns. It should be pleasant to the eye and comfortable above all. If you get confused, just think of what you would like to see when you open the door after a long day in the snow.

Sustainable Kitchen

Sustainable Kitchen Sustainability is one of the biggest trends in everything this year and interior design is no different. The kitchen elements are made with recycled materials. In general, there should be many different elements made from different recycled materials, upcycled or reused home items for kitchen purposes, and so on. The end result should be a stylish kitchen, but not at the expense of the environment. The wooden work surfaces and brass taps are really big as well as many plants which make the kitchen both more stylish and more sustainable.

Great textures

This is a very tactile trend that is based on slow living and with an emphasis on natural materials, enjoyment, and comfort. It should be cozy, make you feel good and comfortable. Throws, cushions, and blankets are very important here. The designs are focused on natural materials and patterns, one-of-a-kind furniture instead of matchy-matchy pieces. The textile should be really great and ethically produced, soft and relaxed. This is especially important for the living areas as well as bedrooms both for children and adults. Mix and match The minimalistic look has been replaced by the pattern and that is the key in this season. You should combine different patterns and styles and use them together. Keep the color palette in the same tone but mix materials and patterns as you like, for example. If you have plain furniture, then the pillows and cushions should be colorful and in many different patterns. The floors should also be decorated with various carpets in different colors and designs. You should also use different wallpapers and so on. The key is to create a united look with plenty of designs and textures.

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